Writing Playground

Welcome to my playground! Here I will feature projects in varying stages of development.


Creative Writing Series

When I started a writing circle with some friends who all had a basic desire to improve their writing skills, I had no idea it would eventually turn into this. It slowly morphed from a small group of people getting together and sharing writing prompt drabbles to a short, introductory series on how to write creative fiction. I'm not sure where this project will go... but I hope you'll join me for the ride.

Currently this project consists of several live videos on my Facebook author page. I plan to recreate these videos over time in a more formal setting, and to have accompanying text posts as well.

fish ghosts.jpg

Fish Are ghosts

Life is anything but average. 'Fish Are Ghosts' is a collection of stories that I have collected over my thirty years of living in the Mid-West. From Swahili speaking high school boys to the angry spirit of William Lemp, you'll find something to make you chuckle. So, pull up a chair, get yourself a glass of your favorite beverage and enjoy!


Words for my Grandmother

When my maternal grandmother passed away in the Spring of 2016 it was the first time I experienced the loss of someone close to me as an adult. Writing is how I process complex emotions, and there is nothing more complex than grief. So, I processed it - again and again and again. I'm sure I will continue to process it over the years and this collection will grow larger over time.