Original Fiction

Here you will find select pieces of my original fiction currently being developed and worked.

Please note, as these are pieces still being developed, they are only samples of the works.


Among the sands

Among The Sands is a novel that I began planning in October of 2017. It's featured in my workshop on creative writing (can be found in the Writing Playground) and has become one of my greatest writing passions. I'm excited to see where this work goes.

"In clan Rothdarii, High-Kin Naresh has chosen his wife, Grete a thief from a poor Skrit family who wants only to protect those she loves. What will they do when war comes to their doorstep and the love they have kindled is attacked from within?"

Short Story Series: Into The Dark

This short story series was written for my Creative Writing Capstone class at Regent University. While it was a course assignment, the stories of the women within these words come from a very deep part of who I am. They are meant to be enjoyed as a set and chronicle my own emotional and spiritual journey through dealing with infertility.

Short Stories.jpg


Crimson Thread

One of the very first novel length projects I set out to put together, Crimson Thread, follows a couple that finds themselves pulled across time and space towards one another.

"Everyone has threads that tie them to their fate. Gold for family, crimson for soul mates, blue for close friends and green for fateful encounters. Phoebe doesn't know it yet, but she has a small crimson thread that is tugging on her left wrist and it stretches across time itself.