Creative Writing Series




The creation of this series springs from a series of 'Prep-tober' videos I made for my novel Among The Sands. This videos originated primarily as live event videos on Facebook, so while they are not in that format on here keep that in mind while watching them.
Here you can find videos on developing characters, setting, and plotting.



There was a lot of documentation that went into my developing of my novel concept during 'Prep-tober' and you can find some of that here. Again, these documents were to appear on live videos, or were meant to be used as my own personal aids in my writing.
Here you can find a map of Dariian, some of the character/clan details I've developed, and examples of story arcs.

Blog Entries


Right now this section is empty. I intend to slowly convert the concepts from my videos and other misc documents into a more generic creative writing mini-course of sorts. For right now, this area is mostly just a place holder.