Platitudes: Stories of Those Who Are Blessed - Volume One


At my work, there are occasionally donuts provided to us for breakfast. It was such the case the other day when as I walked through the maze of cubes and spied a blessed creature. I was coming into work for the morning, passing where the donuts are served. In the partially opened cube, there stood a lone man. I didn't recognize him, he was someone I had never seen before. I must have startled him for his eyes were wide as they met mine, like a deer caught in the gaze of a semi's headlights. His hand a foot away from his mouth, in it, sits about a third of a donut.

"Hi!" he greets me loudly, abruptly; his eyes still locked with mine.

"Hi..." I answer, my voice wavering as I am somewhat confused by his odd behavior.

He pops the donut in his mouth and I continue on my way to my workstation.

I place my bag and lunchbox on my desk before turning and making my way back to the donut cube. It is empty. The man has no doubt chosen his breakfast and has returned to his own cube.

I choose one for myself, cake with cinnamon and sugar - a favorite of mine. They remind me of the sand castles my brother would build when I was young. I pick up the donut and place it on my napkin.

That's when I see it.

A smile spreads over my face.

The donut who would be whole except for the piece consumed by the unknown man.

I chuckle as I walk away.

Blessed are the piece-makers.