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Current WIP:

Among the Sands - A fantasy/romance novel.
“In clan Rothdarii , High-Kin Naresh has chosen his wife - Grete a thief from a poor Skrit family who wants only to protect those she loves – what will they do when war comes to their doorstep and the love they have kindled is attacked from within?”


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My name is EllieMarie and I created this space to tell stories. Words are my passion, sentences are my structure, and stories are my life!
Please take some time to look around and see if you can find a story or two that you enjoy. Maybe something that makes you laugh! Something that makes you think! Something that makes you feel creative! Or even something that makes you hungry!
Stories are how we relate to one another. They are how we teach, connect, and grow with one another. So, won’t you let me connect with you? Let me tell you a story.